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◆Product Features

PVC processing modifier ACR is a high molecular polymer, which combined advanced polymer technology and drying technology. The product has advantages such as: little dust, good mobility, antibinding and so on.

This series is produced by adding ACR resin into PVC manufacturing processing. It can promote gelation of PVC and mobility of the melt is improved, thereby strength and extension of the melt are enhanced, and the internal and surface quality of products are also improved; at the same time the melt time is shortened, and production efficiency is also improved. Besides, it can significantly reduce deposition of varieties of additive ingredients at the surface of the processing equipment to ensure the production working smoothly.


Appearance for white powder, suitable for production of PVC pipes, profiles and other hard products

Product Name ACR Type YFG-401
Manufacturer Jiangxi Yuefeng group polymer materials Co., Ltd. Batch Number /
Total Quality / Quality of Sample /
Production Date 2019.5.5 Test Date 2019.5.5
Test Items Standard Index Date of Actual Test
Appearance White flowing powder

White flowing powder

Granularity(40 mesh pass rate) 98 99
Apparent Density
0.3—0.5 0.40
Volatile Matter
1.5 1.2
Test Results



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