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◆Product Features

l.Impact Modifier MBS: impact modifier is mainly used for PVC processing to improve its impact resistance without changing character of PVC.

2.Transparent Modifier MBS,this type of MBS is mainly used to improve the impact resistance of transparent PVC products without changing character of PVC.

PVC Impact Modifier MBS YFG-56

MBS is a kind of non-transparent anti-impact modifier made of methyl methacrylate, butadiene and styrene with core-shell structure



Product Name Foaming regulator Type YFG-568
Manufacturer Jiangxi Yuefeng group polymer materials Co., Ltd. Batch Number /
Total Quality / Quality of Sample /
Production Date 2019.5.5 Test Date 2019.5.5
Test Items Standard Index Date of Actual Test
Appearance White flowing powder

White flowing powder

Granularity(40 mesh pass rate) 98 99
Apparent Density
0.35—0.55 0.48
Volatile Matter
≤1.8 1.5
Test Results



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