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Jiangxi yuefeng group environmental protection new material co., ltd. has long been committed to becoming a professional supplier of problem solutions in the rubber and plastic field. On the premise of providing customers with satisfactory products, we always adhere to our core customers and provide the end users with professional and feasible overall solutions.

Jiangxi YueFeng group environmental protection new material co., LTD always focus advantageous resources to create an industry the first-class specialized technical team, with theoretical innovation as the guide, focus on the user's problems and expectations, continuously explore, intensify research and development, at the same time, pay attention to the set theory and the actual production, pay attention to the large-scale production of effective scientific research achievements conversion, comprehensively to downstream users with simple, applicable and practical solutions to problems, enhance the core competitiveness of customers, realize YueFeng and customer win-win development.

The products are thermoplastic composite materials, environment-friendly rubber and plastic auxiliaries (ACR, MBS and foaming modifier), high rubber powder and other materials, which can improve the physical and chemical properties of rubber and plastic products, enhance wear resistance, aging resistance, impact resistance, increase toughness and wetting flame retardant effect. Widely used in rubber and plastic, pharmaceutical packaging, aerospace communications, transportation and other industries products manufacturing, to fill the new materials industry in China's products blank.


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