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YueFeng Group has four companies under its management: jiangxi yuefeng polymer materials co., LTD., jiangxi yuefeng environmental protection new materials co., LTD., jiangxi yuefeng group import and export trading company, jiangxi yuefeng group zhongchuang flame-retardant new materials technology co., LTD. The company was founded in 1992, is a scientific research and development, production, sales in one of the "national high-tech enterprises", China's space industry partners, is the largest ACR, MBS, ACM foam regulator production base in southern China.

The company covers an area of more than 360 mu, 2 production bases, respectively located in pingxiang national economic development zone and pingxiang xiangdong industrial park. The company has 398 employees, including more than 120 graduates of doctor's degree, university or technical secondary school, and 112 professionals. 

The company introduces the most advanced polymerization technology and drying process in China to realize continuous, automatic, intelligent and informationized production, which effectively improves the stability of product quality and reduces the risk of product safety and environmental protection. The products are thermoplastic composite materials, environment-friendly rubber and plastic auxiliaries (ACR, MBS and foaming modifier), high rubber powder and other materials, which can improve the physical and chemical properties of rubber and plastic products, enhance wear resistance, aging resistance, impact resistance, increase toughness and wetting flame retardant effect. Widely used in rubber and plastic, pharmaceutical packaging, aerospace communications, transportation and other industries of product manufacturing, to fill in China's many products in this industry blank. The registered trademark of "yuefenggao" is "famous trademark of jiangxi province" and "famous brand of China". 

Company together industry inside dozens of famous experts and senior engineer of innovative research and development team, through data collection, contrast, calculations, instruction execution, make the product technical indexes of control within the scope of the accurate, to the present, the company has a variety of products, more than 40 national patent technology, technology and zhejiang ZhongCai jinpeng, wuhu conch, shide, tianjin, guangzhou, zhejiang RongYuan treasure day, guangzhou blonde, dongguan the jubilee, such as more than 20 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions of the country's more than 400 manufacturers to establish relations of cooperation, the product not only best-selling domestic, also exported to South Korea, India, Japan, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, such as more than 30 countries, Formed a relatively stable sales network at home and abroad. After reaching the production standard, the company can realize annual output of 2 billion yuan, and the annual tax revenue is 60 million yuan. 

Since 2014, the company has been awarded "national high-tech enterprise", "jiangxi province specialized new small and medium-sized enterprises" and "jiangxi province plastic additives engineering technology research center". In 2015, the company won the "China aerospace partners" and "China aerospace contribution award". In 2016, the company was awarded the "12th five-year plastic processing technology innovative enterprise" by China plastics processing industry association. It was jointly awarded "jiangxi province energy conservation and emission reduction science and technology innovation demonstration enterprise" by the provincial science and technology department and other four departments. In October 2016, the company's chairman tian yuenan was awarded "outstanding entrepreneur of jiangxi province". In May 2017, he was elected as "member of decision-making committee of pingxiang municipal government". In June 2018, he was selected as "" national outstanding entrepreneur from 2017 to 2018" ". In August 2018, he was named "outstanding entrepreneur of jiangxi province in the new era 2016-2017";In 2019, it was rated as one of the first batch of "little giant" enterprises specializing in special new products in China.

To the present, the company has become China plastics processing industry association professional committee, the China construction metal structure association member unit, the China plastics processing industry association vice President of professional committee of units of rigid PVC foaming products, China plastics processing association of professional committee of the special agent doors and Windows products, vice President of units, in 2017, two deep convergence of jiangxi provincial demonstration enterprises. From 2010 to 2017, it has been included in the "large taxpayer" of pingxiang economic and technological development zone for eight consecutive years.

Brief introduction of CARBOXYL butyronitrile latex project of Jiangxi Yuefeng Group 

     Jiangxi Yuefeng Group is a "national high-tech enterprise" integrating scientific research, production, sales and technical service, the group has two production bases: Jiangxi Yuefeng Group Environmental Protection New Material Co. , Ltd. and Jiangxi Yuefeng Group Polymer Material Co. , Ltd.

     The company has passed ISO9001:2015 quality system certification, focus on the production of "Yuefenggao" series of carboxyl nitrile latex products, products have passed SGS testing certification.

     "Yuefenggao" series of carboxylated nitrile latex is an anionic polymer emulsion, which is prepared by emulsion polymerization of Butadiene, acrylonitrile, unsaturated carboxylic acid and other additives, the Blue Luster Milky liquid has the characteristics of uniform molecular weight and particle size distribution, can be crosslinked with sulfur, metal oxide, and its stability is better than natural latex. The downstream products made from Yuefenggao series latex have the characteristics of oil resistance, solvent resistance, acid and alkali resistance, wear resistance, etc. .

     The company introduced the most advanced polymerization technology and advanced process flow in China to realize continuous, automatic, intelligent and information production, effectively improve product quality stability, reduce product safety and environmental protection risks, eliminate backward production capacity, become the first domestic rubber and plastic additives industry to take the lead in the intelligent manufacturing plant.

     Combining advanced technology from Japan, Malaysia, Taiwan and other countries, the company has completed the research and development of Latex formula and optimized design of production process flow, greatly improving production efficiency and product quality, while reducing energy consumption and three-waste emissions, truly achieve sustainable, healthy and stable development, to ensure to become the industry's process optimization, technology leaders. The company intends to invest 800 million yuan to build a new medical glove latex production base project. The main products of the project are medical glove latex, mainly used for disposable thin gloves, thick household gloves lining latex production, annual output of 500,000 tons.


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