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Analysis of successful ideas of industry brand strategy
Recently, the author interviewed a national outstanding entrepreneur, also is one of pingxiang brand outstanding figures in the 40 years of reform and opening up, he is jiangxi yuefeng polymer materials group chairman tian yuannan.

Analysis of successful ideas of industry brand strategy

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Recently, the author interviewed a national outstanding entrepreneur, also is one of pingxiang brand outstanding figures in the 40 years of reform and opening up, he is jiangxi yuefeng polymer materials group chairman tian yuannan. Mention he thought of yuefeng, thought of "yuefeng high" brand, thought of a southern largest rubber and plastic auxiliary intelligent, large-scale production base of the industry pioneer image. The 28 years of innovation and entrepreneurship led by him fully confirms the strategic positioning of a corporate brand in its continuous development and growth. Yuefeng is behind a brand story. For how to build the enterprise quality brand, set up the enterprise in the society, the industry, the market domain good image, may discuss the brand strategy from yuefeng's development practice several thoughts.

One of the ideas: brand starts from the prophet, looking for vitality in the variables

In the new era, the accelerated reconstruction of the world political and economic order and the rapid rise of a new round of industrial and technological revolution have brought China's economic development into a special period where risks and opportunities coexist. Whether it is "crisis" or "opportunity", and how to break the situation first, private enterprises, as the largest industrial support of China's economy, will face a new and greater challenge.

Since settling in pingxiang, yuefeng company has realized that the chemical industry has gradually entered an irresistible historical change period. According to the industry analysis, China's composite materials and rubber and plastic additive manufacturing products are still dominated by low-end products, facing rising labor costs, the primary comparative advantage supported by cheap labor force is gradually weakened, and the international economic development is increasingly binding on the resources, environment and energy of enterprises. Enterprise's total factor productivity is low, the domestic composite materials and rubber additives manufacturing enterprises of GDP per head is only a third - 1/5 of the developed countries, the development cycle of the products is 2-4 times that of the developed countries, the effective utilization rate of equipment than the world advanced enterprises Zhong Yuan chemistry and the DOW chemical company (Japan) low 20% 30%, energy consumption per unit output value is about 1.5 times of energy consumption, similar foreign enterprises operating efficiency of enterprises is low, the profit pattern of traditional by the unprecedented impact.

Under the premise of comprehensive and in-depth investigation of the market, yuefeng company developed a series of strategies to improve production capacity as early as possible. In May 2014, the project was officially launched in xiangdong district of pingxiang city, and an annual output of 120,000 tons of rubber and plastic environmental protection new materials project was established and implemented. In June 2017, the first phase of the project was completed and put into production with an investment of 180 million yuan. The company USES the new generation of network information technology to transform the traditional industry, implement digital, networking, intelligent transformation and upgrading, with key technology innovation to create a characteristic, leading industry position of high-end products and brands, drive the strongest competitiveness of the market. Company from a traditional backward industry into a energy conservation and environmental protection, low carbon efficient national high and new technology enterprise, 3 years of economy increasing 2 times, compared to the rapid across China rubber industry the forefront, as southern China's largest rubber and plastic additives production base, China's space sector cooperation enterprises, national excellent entrepreneurial innovation project.

Second thought: the brand originates from the technological exploration, and leads the competition

With the internationalization of market competition and the rapid development of information technology, fundamental changes have taken place in enterprise manufacturing and environment, only rely on their own internal resources for production, has been unable to cope with the current customer demand diversification, shortened product life cycle, such as advance shipment the challenges brought by the main competitive factors, only upgrade the key technical renovation, to optimize resources configuration, can have the chance to stand out in the fierce market competition.

Companies with independent research and development breakthrough fiber reinforced thermoplastic composite materials and environmental protection rubber fertilizer manufacturing core board technology, integrated application of distributed control system (DCS), data acquisition and video monitoring system (SCADA), manufacturing execution system (MES), energy management system, enterprise resource management system (ERP), warehouse management system (WMS), laboratory management system (LIMS), and other industrial control systems and enterprise information management system, mobile terminal APP, etc., and through the Internet of things, cloud computing, big data such as construction means, It has realized the automation, digitization and intellectualization of the entire production process from raw material input to product delivery, and realized the performance, efficiency and stability of fiber-reinforced thermoplastic composites and environment-friendly rubber and plastic additives.

First, the production capacity is improved to advanced and high quality rubber and plastic assistant MBS, ACR and fiber reinforced thermoplastic composites four brand new products. The annual output of 10,000 tons of high-end ACR auxiliary agent, 10,000 tons of high-end MBS auxiliary agent and 100,000 tons of fiber reinforced PVC/PE thermoplastic composite material will reach the standard.

Second, achieve a 20% reduction in operating costs, a 30% reduction in product development cycle, a 20% increase in production efficiency and a 20% increase in energy efficiency.

Third, it has applied for more than 4 invention patents, 10 utility model patents, and formed more than 3 enterprise/industry/national standard drafts (technical specifications).

Fourth, the impact strength of MBS auxiliary products reaches 9.5KJ/m2, transparency is more than 90.0%, reaching the international first-class level; ACR products have the shortest plasticizing time, up to 45 seconds, and the melt strength and plasticizing performance have reached the international leading level. The tensile strength of fiber reinforced PVC/PE composites reached the leading level in China at 27.5mpa. The performance of ACR, MBS additives and PVC/PE composite materials is better than that of similar products of zhongyuan of Japan and LG of South Korea. In the MBS polymerization process of the project, the intermediate product styrene-butadiene emulsion achieves precise polymerization regulation, so that the polymerization degree and latex particle size distribution of styrene-butadiene emulsion can achieve the preset value of high requirements and meet the requirements of aerospace products.

Capacity YueFeng company products, to build the world's first environmental protection, energy saving, high performance composite materials and rubber additives ACR, MBS products demonstration project, improve the core competitiveness of manufacture, for fiber reinforced thermoplastic composite materials and environmental protection rubber additives play the part of demonstration, promotion, industry application of key technologies.

Idea three: the brand stands in the application of this, in the general highlight special

Company projects of environmental protection rubber additives ACR, MBS and fiber reinforced PVC/PE resin composites is aerospace materials, automobile transportation, medical packaging, electronic communications, environmental protection in areas such as construction essential additives in the process of products production and molding material, not only can effectively improve the impact strength of the product, improve product ageing resistance and processing performance, can greatly enhance the tensile strength of the product and flame retardant performance. In the application field of products, China's high-end manufacturing industry has formed its own market. Jiangxi yuefeng group environmental protection new material co., LTD., shandong ruifeng polymer material co., LTD., shandong rike chemical co., LTD., jiangsu changhai composite material co., LTD. And other large enterprises basically occupy more than 80% of the domestic market. At the same time, it completely broke the monopoly situation of core technology companies such as arkema company, Compton company, dow chemical company, zhongyuan chemical company and LG chemical company.

In 2014, the company to form a "jiangxi YueFeng import and export trading company," entry into overseas markets, has participated in the United States, Russia, India, Thailand, Germany, Egypt, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Vietnam and other countries held various international exhibitions, and reaching out to countries along the technology development, technology innovation, product manufacturing, and other forms of cooperation. By 2018, the company has established a relatively stable foreign sales network with more than 30 countries, including Russia, Egypt, Malaysia, South Korea, India, Japan, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, etc., which is in line with the national "One Belt And One Road" strategy. On January 30, 2015, China aerospace corporation and yuefeng corporation signed a cooperation agreement, and the two sides officially entered into a strategic alliance. Yuefeng corporation has become a cooperative partner of China's space industry. DLV rubber and plastic series products are designated as "special products for China aerospace". In December 2015, the company won the "China aerospace contribution award".

Yuefeng environmental protection new material products give play to the guiding role of market demand in the development and application of new materials, focus on the urgent need of major strategies, strengthen the combination of production and use, promote upstream and downstream cooperation, and speed up the application demonstration. We will encourage mass entrepreneurship and innovation in the new materials industry, implement the concept of green development, encourage division of labor and cooperation among large, small and medium-sized enterprises, and promote the simultaneous transformation and upgrading of the new materials industry with other industries. We will make the design, processing, manufacturing and testing of new materials digital and intelligent, use Internet technology to strengthen the supply and demand alignment of new materials, and support the development of new models and forms of business. We will promote the in-depth development of military-civilian integration of new materials, accelerate the two-way transfer and transformation of new materials technologies for both military and civilian use, and actively develop new materials for both military and civilian use, so as to achieve sound interactive development.

Idea four: the brand depends on the Wolf pack spirit, in the battle invincible

The brand effect also embodies the team spirit of an enterprise. As long as a successful enterprise has this spirit, it can thrive in the fierce competition. The importance of team spirit, lies in the embodiment of individual and group strength, the stream can only break the waves, the hundred rivers na hai can inspire the turbulent waves, the relationship between individuals and teams is like the stream and the sea. Every employee should integrate himself into the collective to give full play to his individual role. The generation of a brand cannot be separated from the joint efforts of the team, from production, scientific research, marketing to enterprise planning and management are harmonizing the spirit and ability of every talent fully reflected. Team spirit is a reflection of group values and a part of corporate culture. It covers a brand culture. When consumers mention it, they will have a pleasant psychological feeling and a great psychological identification of their products and corporate images.

Yuefeng now has 398 employees, among which 112 are core members and product r&d professionals. At the same time, yuefeng has a production expert with certain operational skills, a marketing elite with market development ability, and a well-planned scientific management team. They all play their own outstanding talents in different positions, and have made remarkable contributions to the international market expansion of yuefeng brand.

Tian yuenan, chairman of jiangxi yuefeng environmental protection new material co., LTD., graduated from Beijing university of chemical technology, majoring in polymer materials. He studied in President class of tsinghua university and was awarded as "excellent student" of tsinghua university. In May 2013, he visited India with premier li keqiang and attended the china-india business cooperation summit. In September 2013, he visited four central Asian countries with President xi jinping, and was warmly received by President xi. In October 2016, he was selected as "outstanding entrepreneur of jiangxi province". In May 2017, he was elected as a member of the decision-making committee of pingxiang city government. In June 2018, he was selected as "2017-2018 national outstanding entrepreneur". In August 2018, he was selected as "2016-2017 jiangxi outstanding entrepreneur of the new era".

Jiangxi YueFeng group polymer materials co., LTD. General labor field, deputy general manager, graduated from jiangsu university high polymer material science, former Japanese Zhong Yuan chemical co., high polymer material research institute technical engineers, hangzhou colli chemical co., LTD., deputy chief engineer, China plastics processing industry association sheet with foam board of experts, China plastics processing industry association, managing director of the board sheet branch of plastic processing industry association experts in jiangxi province. In recent years, he has led the company's technical team to independently develop 9 series of 32 products, which have won 38 national patents and one international patent.

Jiangxi YueFeng group create new flame retardant materials project director Lu Xiao collaborative innovation of science and technology co., LTD, graduated from tianjin university organic chemical professional, senior engineer, a former qilu petrochemical research institute of polymer research institute, shandong shuntian plastic co., LTD., deputy general manager, and zibo JiLong jiangsu sanyo chemical co., LTD. Technical adviser. The senior expert who was the earliest researcher on rubber and plastic assistant MBS in China was the leader of MBS technology research and development project of national science and technology commission. She has compiled 8 patents and obtained 5 national invention patents. In the national core journal as the first author published more than 20 papers, to promote the development of rubber and plastic industry has made great contributions.

Yuefeng is such a Wolf pack spirit moment shining enterprise brand and yuefeng image of the glory. The company has won the "jiangxi province energy conservation and emission reduction technology innovation demonstration enterprise"; "China's" twelfth five-year plan "plastic processing industry science and technology innovation enterprises"; In 2018, it won the first place in "China chuangyi" entrepreneurship and innovation competition of pingxiang city and jiangxi province, and the national excellent entrepreneurship and innovation project award. In 2019, it won the title of "China's first batch of specialized and new 'small giant' enterprises". The registered trademark of "yuefenggao" is "famous trademark of jiangxi province", and the products are rated as "famous brand of China".

Idea five: the brand takes in the social value, benefits in the distribution

The biggest effect and function of brand is to win the universal social value, directly and indirectly benefit from the numerous collective, individual and terminal consumer users, and at the same time to obtain the economic benefits of the enterprise, all aspects of giving back to the society and serving the society.

Yuefeng company's implementation of brand strategy is conducive to increasing local tax revenue. It is estimated that the annual sales revenue after the completion of all projects will be 1.88 billion yuan, bringing annual tax revenue of nearly 150 million yuan. Since 2001, the company has been rated as "large taxpayer" by pingxiang national economic and technological development zone for 9 consecutive years. At the same time, it increases the employment of local and downstream enterprises.

We will upgrade production capacity, eliminate outdated production processes, reduce energy consumption and environmental pollution, and promote the optimization and upgrading of the industrial structure. All indicators of product output will meet the national environmental standards and achieve low-carbon economy, green environmental protection, energy conservation and efficiency.

The improvement of the quality level of rubber and plastic additives and fiber reinforced thermoplastic composites has accelerated the pace of product upgrading, and gradually broken the monopoly situation of foreign countries in the technology and price of high-end products, contributing to the national economic construction and national defense science and technology development.

YueFeng group to become the province of jiangxi province demonstration enterprises, informationization, industrialization depth fusion in intelligent manufacturing equipment, software, information systems, production areas such as a new mode of exploration research, establish a demonstration to promote technology platform, set up the domestic industry, polymer materials manufacturing model, benchmarking formed a rapid replication intelligent plant solutions, drive the core of intelligent manufacturing polymer material industry equipment independent innovation, through innovation integration application, has realized the coordinated manufacture efficiency, quality, research and development, production cost, significantly enhance the level of management.

In a word, brand means high quality, high reputation, high efficiency and low cost. Behind the brand is a successful enterprise always in an invincible position in the market competition. In the process of brand creation and expanding brand coverage, only through the optimization of product structure, the activation of stock assets, the improvement of technical content and scientific management can enterprises continue to develop and expand.


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